Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Cordelia Love (and other dolly news)

It's been a long while since I updated this blog but many doll plans have been underway since I last wrote. I did have to sell some dolls...mostly because I wasn't playing with them and also because my sister had something come up and I felt it was my duty to help her. I also sold Miss Pygg and I miss her so much...but I'll get her back someday...

Now that's all done and I was able to do some more doll related things...mainly getting Nuri back from Amira Rose and getting my shipping notice from Fairyland for Macchiato :) I also adopted a neglected Orientdoll Wol from the Marketplace on DoA that I'm waiting for. Guillaume is also getting a WS Pipi as a sister and I've just bought her faceplate.

This is my cutie Cordelia who I've had for a long while now...I love this girl to pieces and she's Lua's new best are some photos of her reading, wearing her EDNF shirt (by Spampy) and some other random shots that show how precious she is.




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