Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Well SOMEONE has to control her!"

"Well SOMEONE has to control her!"
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I've always said Macchiato was a handful and I'm regular sized! I'm loving Artemis's new wig and since this pic was taken I've been able to trim the wig a little better (the bangs are always too long for Littlefee as far as Leeke wigs go).

I'm trying to bevel poor Macchi's eyes so her new Ginarolo eyes fit better (Violet Night) but it's really hard and it seems like my bevel might actually be too small! I am thinking of getting a 10mm bevel and I'd like to have a 14mm one on hand in all honesty.

I got my Roko and Kumi dolls so I'll have to post photos of them after I take them!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wow I forgot I had this

Readers...I'm so sorry! I totally forgot I had a dolly blog and every time I resolve to stay updated I forget!

After having the same dolly family for a while now, I've decided to make a change. I'm going to give a Bambicrony a shot. I usually stick with Fairyland for their amazing posability but they don't make a Yo sized doll in tan which, until recently, Bambicrony did.

I placed an order for an Ozzy's Roko in early December and I'd been hearing reports of BC tan dolls being messed up, and that's why they stopped production. I was tossed between Roko and Kumi (my first Ozzy's love) but I'd seen Kumis so I decided to go with something different. I got the Roko with the little vampire fangs and I was concerned because it's so different from my normal asthetic but I think it'll be alright.

Yoon said my Roko should ship the end of February but BC tends to promise dolls and not deliver. Then I saw a fangless Kumi on the DoA marketplace (I prefer her sans fangs) so I decided to get her. I had to sell Carleigh to do it but ever since she'd come back from her faceup with Leah Lily her character was going in a direction I didn't really like. She'd become older and more mature and I like my Pukifees to be little kids. I will get another one eventually but as most people would guess it would most likely be CUPID!

Nuri got her makeover over the summer and she got restored fully as a Garden of Dolls PpoPpo by Buff along with a more natural faceup. I also changed her wig into a auburnish curly one from Ruby Red which suits her nicely.

Love her hat!

Carleigh's New Face!

I still have Artemis and Macchiato. Artemis is exactly the same as she always was except she now has a sleeping plate. Macchiato is her same hyper-caffinated self but Fairyland has a new braided wig I'm bugging them to try to get in black :) I'll have to update when the Ozzy dolls get here...I can only afford to keep one so stay tuned as to which one I pick!