Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Well SOMEONE has to control her!"

"Well SOMEONE has to control her!"
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I've always said Macchiato was a handful and I'm regular sized! I'm loving Artemis's new wig and since this pic was taken I've been able to trim the wig a little better (the bangs are always too long for Littlefee as far as Leeke wigs go).

I'm trying to bevel poor Macchi's eyes so her new Ginarolo eyes fit better (Violet Night) but it's really hard and it seems like my bevel might actually be too small! I am thinking of getting a 10mm bevel and I'd like to have a 14mm one on hand in all honesty.

I got my Roko and Kumi dolls so I'll have to post photos of them after I take them!

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  1. OmiGosh - You are beveling Macchi's eyes?!!! Be Careful! Are you sure you want these particular eyes to fit? Maybe Macchiato is trying to say - I wants different eyes!

    Hey you inspired TiGGs - she finally has a Choco Pipi coming!

    So kiss sweet Macchi for us - and hopefully our little darling will be ready to play soon - Be Careful w that bedeviling beveling! YiPes!