Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dolls of Course!

Sorry for another prolonged has started for me again and my health is starting to decline again now that I'm back in school...and I had a car accident that left me with a head/neck injury.

My dolls have been the same. I'm trying not to get any more dolls but the Puki Ante just has me smitten so I might get her later on but Macchiato really prefers not to share her room :)

Artemis has a sleeping plate now; I don't remember if I posted that before but if you want to see her sleeping with my dad's Dachshund, Oscar, hop over to my flickr ( to see them! I've also gone a little nuts getting clothes for her and right now she's the girl I'm focusing the most on.

Carleigh's finally gotten into her spot with Leah Lilly after a very long wait. She should be back here in a few weeks and I'll have to remember to post photos of her new faceup. I was toying with the idea of scrapping her and getting a Cupid because let's face it...I'M CUPID CRAZY!!!!

I still have Nuri of course...she actually just got a new hat I need to take pics of. I had gotten a grab bag of stuff from eightl0ngmonths and there was a beret that had purple stars and skulls on it...PERFECT for Nuri! I haven't taken it off of her since.

I am taking jewelry commissions again...I'm working on a piece for DraconicMaiden but ti's tough because I don't have a Minifee anymore. I'm going off of neck measurements and kind of gauging how things look on Artemis. Might ask my parents for a Bobobie or a Resinsoul for Christmas...something not expensive but a sculpt I still like. I might not bother though because my Littlefee is helpful in determining some sort of scale.

I got a call so I lost my train of thought...let's end with some piccies shall we?

This is a necklace I made that is a tiny photo frame!

Photo necklace

Macchiato's been into playing Pokemon HeartGold lately...guess who her favorite Pokemon is!

Togepi Rocks

Carleigh's new custom faerie by Kirika Dawn:

Custom Kirika Dawn Dress

And Nuri hanging out at ConnectiCon:

Nuri's just chillin'...


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Flickr Rant

Paper Doll Bunny
Originally uploaded by reinedelaseine14

I can't believe it...Flickr's been doing a photo preview for a new layout which I turned off but it's now public. The new layout's to stay. Which sucks because not only can I not view a photo without having to move my screen around I now can't get the image URL.

Flickr's rules say I have to link back to the photo. DoA's rules say I can't. Yet...I and many of my doll friends use Flickr to share our photos. What a mess!

So I might have to go back to Photobucket for image hosting...but I HATE PB with a passion now since there's all the adds, the spam, and the adware that I didn't have to contend with three years ago when I joined. Plus...I PAY to use Flickr.

Even more, I use enlarged fonts on my computer due to a vision impairment and PB's site layout distorts everything and causes it to all overlap on each other on the page.

What to do????? I don't know if I should try ImageShack or Snapfish or something...


Sunday, July 18, 2010

What do you do with a problem like Carleigh?

I'm freaking out...mostly because this is really really odd and I'm not sure why this is happening.

Carleigh is one of my three favorite dolls: all Fairyland girls, all different tiny sizes, all easy to clothe and prop. But for some reason I got BORED with her...which I don't understand at all.

I've been paying more attention to Artemis and Macchiato of course always soaks it up and Nuri's just...Nuri but I stopped playing with her completely. I gave her a bath today and cleaned out the crap stuck in her joints hoping it would help us bond again. It didn't work. I saw an outfit and my first reaction was that she HAD to have it but I just couldn't click "buy". I then began looking at Littlefee clothes.

I'm hoping this is temporary...I'm hoping I can fix this with a wig change or something. I considered trying a different faceplate but the only PKF Cupid I found didn't have a faceup (can't do one now b/c of the heat). For now she's sitting on top of my jewelry chest looking sad in the glasses she hates more than she hates spinach.

She needs to find her charm again. :(

"Look at me; I'm cute!"

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

EDS Today in the Chase Community Giving Challenge

I know this blog is about my dolls but I'm taking a time out to talk about something that's important to me and a lot of my friends.

I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome which is a rare collagen production disorder which is also genetic. It causes many things...for me it's caused my joints to dislocate, my skin to tear, my blood vessels and organs to malfunction and potentially rupture and for my vision to become severely impaired.

I can no longer function without the help of crutches, three finger splitns, two wrist braces, two knee braces, two ankle braces and tons of auxilary visual and computer equipment.

There is very little research on EDS and there is no standard treatment and no cure. I have been the CT State Captain of EDS Network CARES ( for a few months now. EDSNC won in the last Giving Challenge on FB and now we've partnered with another research organization called EDS Today. The money will go towards further developing two studies that are currently under way, one of which I may be participating in myself.

Please click on this button: and follow the instructions to vote. Your vote could help save many lives, including MINE.

♥ Thank you.

Who goes there?

I haven't been around in quite a, friends and life have prevented me from updating my blog (along with being forgetful and lazy) but there has been no wavering in the resin obsession of course!

The Mina version of Nuri didn't work out. After months of having her head stashed on a shelf or in a box full of other crap...I got my Garden of Dolls PpoPpo head restored and Nuri's back in her original form. I also found out they're no longer being made and even the woman who created her is selling her own doll!!! I almost bought it to put on my heavily modified body but then Buff from DoA said that she can make my girl like new again! She did an awesome job save for a tad of pink stuck on the lips but I wanted to keep their original shape. Now she has a natural faceup with worried eyebrows and her trademark star by her left eye. I took photos of her and she looks like a 13 year old stuggling with fitting in, especially as a teen with a disability. I'll have pics later.

Artemis is exactly the same...I haven't changed her. No need to...except that after a year of looking, I finally happened upon a sleeping faceplate with the FL faceup. It's coming from Poland I think so she'll finally take a nap...which goes well with her new pajamas I got at the mall a few weeks ago.

Carleigh's also remained unmodded...she will eventually be getting a faceup from Leah Lilly as her FL one is chipped on the eyebrow, cheek, and lips by me dropping her or by her getting knocked over. This kid is spoiled rotten with Re-ment and Ruby Red Galleria shoes :)

MACCHIATO. Of course...I'm nuts over her STILL. She now has THREE wigs and is now waiting for her new Mimi's Stuff clothes and shoes to come from England. Almost all of her clothes are custom made now and I am thinking of doing a closet cleanout as she has SO MUCH stuff just for one Puki!

And now...the good kind of spam that everyone enjoys :D

New DancingBee Dress

Shootin' the Breeze