Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dolls of Course!

Sorry for another prolonged has started for me again and my health is starting to decline again now that I'm back in school...and I had a car accident that left me with a head/neck injury.

My dolls have been the same. I'm trying not to get any more dolls but the Puki Ante just has me smitten so I might get her later on but Macchiato really prefers not to share her room :)

Artemis has a sleeping plate now; I don't remember if I posted that before but if you want to see her sleeping with my dad's Dachshund, Oscar, hop over to my flickr ( to see them! I've also gone a little nuts getting clothes for her and right now she's the girl I'm focusing the most on.

Carleigh's finally gotten into her spot with Leah Lilly after a very long wait. She should be back here in a few weeks and I'll have to remember to post photos of her new faceup. I was toying with the idea of scrapping her and getting a Cupid because let's face it...I'M CUPID CRAZY!!!!

I still have Nuri of course...she actually just got a new hat I need to take pics of. I had gotten a grab bag of stuff from eightl0ngmonths and there was a beret that had purple stars and skulls on it...PERFECT for Nuri! I haven't taken it off of her since.

I am taking jewelry commissions again...I'm working on a piece for DraconicMaiden but ti's tough because I don't have a Minifee anymore. I'm going off of neck measurements and kind of gauging how things look on Artemis. Might ask my parents for a Bobobie or a Resinsoul for Christmas...something not expensive but a sculpt I still like. I might not bother though because my Littlefee is helpful in determining some sort of scale.

I got a call so I lost my train of thought...let's end with some piccies shall we?

This is a necklace I made that is a tiny photo frame!

Photo necklace

Macchiato's been into playing Pokemon HeartGold lately...guess who her favorite Pokemon is!

Togepi Rocks

Carleigh's new custom faerie by Kirika Dawn:

Custom Kirika Dawn Dress

And Nuri hanging out at ConnectiCon:

Nuri's just chillin'...


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  1. Hi- I'm Teru! I clicked your signature on DoA and decided to follow your blog because the way you talk about your dolls reminds me of the way I talk about mine XD I'm 20, and a college girl myself so I kinda thought it was cool that we had that in common. Anyway, I talk a lot about my dolls on my LJ ( if you wanna read any ^_^ (I have a blogger blog too but it's not really about dolls per-say XD) Right! I've eaten up enough space now I think!