Sunday, July 18, 2010

What do you do with a problem like Carleigh?

I'm freaking out...mostly because this is really really odd and I'm not sure why this is happening.

Carleigh is one of my three favorite dolls: all Fairyland girls, all different tiny sizes, all easy to clothe and prop. But for some reason I got BORED with her...which I don't understand at all.

I've been paying more attention to Artemis and Macchiato of course always soaks it up and Nuri's just...Nuri but I stopped playing with her completely. I gave her a bath today and cleaned out the crap stuck in her joints hoping it would help us bond again. It didn't work. I saw an outfit and my first reaction was that she HAD to have it but I just couldn't click "buy". I then began looking at Littlefee clothes.

I'm hoping this is temporary...I'm hoping I can fix this with a wig change or something. I considered trying a different faceplate but the only PKF Cupid I found didn't have a faceup (can't do one now b/c of the heat). For now she's sitting on top of my jewelry chest looking sad in the glasses she hates more than she hates spinach.

She needs to find her charm again. :(

"Look at me; I'm cute!"

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