Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New to the Crew

Well I've done it now!

I've been eyeing the Elfdoll Hanas for a long time...knowing they were limited...but aweful of their intense expressions and many different faceplates.

I managed to get a hold of a Halloween Hana Wizard...LE of 100 worldwide...by far the rarest doll I've ever owned. Mine won't be a boy though...Hana is going to be a girl...a horrible mean girl that no one likes because she's grumpy all the time. The Pukis call her Snot and Ivy is a bit fearful of her even though they are the same age. Hana's that girl in your fifth grade class that no one dared to cross...every fifth grade class has that ONE girl...I know mine sure did!

She still needs a wig...oddly the fullset comes with a reddish wig even though the eyebrows are black...curious...so I need a black wig which will make her look even more severe.

I'm excited about this one...all my dolls up until now have been for the most part nice citizens...even with a little attitude...but this girl will be the rotten apple of the bunch.

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